British Skeleton – on a journey to further greatness

What can we learn about building and sustaining a high-performance culture from one of the most successful Winter Olympic teams in history?


In February 2022, four to six British athletes will be careering down a Beijing ice track at over 90 miles per hour in the quest for more medals and more glory for the British Skeleton team. Ignite have sponsored the Talent Squad for eight years and have had the privilege of witnessing this incredible team of leaders, coaches and athletes repeatedly achieve remarkable success against all the odds.

There is much that we can learn from the secrets of their success, and certainly much that can be applied to organisations outside the world of elite sport. Over the following months we will be interviewing these very people; monitoring their progress and sharing the insight as they prepare for the opportunity to do their country proud. Everyone from sports enthusiasts to business leaders will benefit from understanding the magic that goes into creating the kind of high-performance environment that delivers Olympic success time and time again.

Meet the team we are following

Between now and the Olympics, we will conduct interviews with some the leaders, coaches and athletes of the British Skeleton team. Within these interviews we will explore what they are currently focusing upon, how they are feeling, and to what extent those critical ingredients are in place that will enable them to deliver the kind of performance they need to achieve Olympic success.

The leadership team – ‘the fierce urgency of now’

Let me introduce you to the British Skeleton leadership team – Nat Dunman and Danny Holdcroft…

The coaching team – ‘helping to make dreams a reality’

Today we are posing questions to two of the British Skeleton coaches – Ed McDermott and Mareks Mezencevs – as part of our ongoing series of insights into British Skeleton, and their journey to sustain their Olympic success at Beijing 2022….

The leadership team – ‘ready for anything’

Today we are going back to pick up with Nat and Danny, the two key leaders of the British Skeleton team, to explore how they feel the team are getting on and discuss what still needs to be achieved between now and next February when the Winter Olympics take place in Beijing…

The athletes – ‘flourishing in a high performance environment’

This is the fourth article where we follow the British Skeleton team as they prepare for the next Winter Olympics. Today we are speaking to Matt Weston and Brogan Crowley, two of the British Skeleton athletes hoping to be selected for the team to compete at the Beijing Olympics next February…

Meet the team