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Customer expectations are changing, digital technologies evolving, and the delivery of services needs to adapt, aligned with organisational visions, values, and objectives. Ignite believes in putting the customer and digital innovation at the heart of organisational change.

Overcoming today’s blockers to digital engagement

Lloyds Bank UK Consumer Index recently published their 2020 Digital Index, the UK’s largest study of transactional, behavioural, and attitudinal research. The key findings show that “16% of the UK population cannot undertake Foundation digital activities such as turning on a device, connecting to Wi-Fi or opening an app by themselves. The behavioural data shows that 7% of the UK is almost completely offline”.

Through our work with organisations designing online solutions we often hear from staff that customers “just won’t want to” use online services. The insight provided by this study helps us create customer-centred solutions that overcome these blockers.

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Agile project delivery

Ignite can help you to deliver visible business value at pace with our project delivery service.
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Digital skills and culture development

Ignite provides leadership and support to build the skills and culture required to deliver a user-centric digital service.
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Strategy development for experience and customer engagement

Ignite will support you to define your approach to customer experience, engagement, demand management and channel management.
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Customer and user research, experience, and development

Ignite can support you to build an understanding of your customer personas and build capability in your organisation to design customer centred services.
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Change management for digital transformation programmes

Ignite will help you ensure people are engaged with how change fits the bigger picture, are motivated and supported to adopt new ways of working.
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Digital service design

Ignite provides leadership and support to deliver end-to-end digital service design, focusing on customer need, effectiveness, and efficiency benefits.
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Target operating model, organisational design, and business transformation

Ignite will help you to create a sustainable foundation for the future through whole organisation transformation.
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Discovery and mobilisation of agile service design projects

Ignite provides an organisational blueprint, setup, and mobilisation of an agile digital service design project team.
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Customer experience: addressing the difference between councils’ and the private sector’s competitors

There are many differences between the public sector and the private sector, but do these differences drive the customer experience, or are the customers themselves the differentiating factor? 

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An article by Lawrence Conway, Chief Executive of South Lakeland District Council

If the COVID-19 emergency has taught us anything it is the need to provide agile and flexible organisations – ready to respond to a rapidly changing agenda. Many of us have been preparing our staff to be the 21st century public servants in a 21st century council…

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