Change management – coronavirus response

Does ‘change management’ as we know it need to adapt to an increased pace of change, especially in light of the huge pressures imposed by the onset of coronavirus?

Supporting the performance and wellbeing of your team

How are your teams coping now, and how can you set them up for success both now and in the months to come? Take a look at our free toolkit.

Change is constant – blah, blah, blah

Why do some leaders and change practitioners think that saying, “change is constant”, or “change is the new business as usual” legitimises putting an organisation and its people through a never-ending series of large-scale, back-to-back disruptions without equipping them for this?

Delivering rapid culture change

They say it takes years to change a culture. But what if you haven’t got years? What if you need to turn around performance in months and your culture is getting in the way?

Follow these 5 golden rules to rapidly change your culture.

Change management

We help ensure that the human beings affected by change are ready, willing and able to operate at their peak once that change has been implemented.

Accelerating change – a short guide

Here’s a short guide for those seeking an exhilarating, balanced, vortex-like approach to change.

Building change capability

When you and your people are impatient for change, it’s tempting to put a programme in place to build skills fast.  But stand back for a moment and work on what you already have in place.

Achieving success against the odds; turning challenge into strength

The pressure to embrace the digital revolution, deliver more with less, achieve culture change quickly, implement one change on top of another, whilst keeping everyone happy, is not only exhausting, it can seem simply impossible.

New Habits That Last

Lessons for organisational change from Ian Price, author of Headstart: Build a Resilient Mindset So You Can Achieve Your Goals.


Clarks was implementing a new global solution to manage their product development process and to radically reduce the time taken to get a global product range to market…

Reckitt Benckiser

Reckitt Benckiser (RB) was defining a new global SAP template for their manufacturing sites and commercial operations. They recognised that change management would be a key determinant of success in delivering benefits quickly…

Accredited change training

At Ignite we pride ourselves on our change management expertise and on always building the capability of our clients. For those seeking a deeper look at how organisations can change for the better we offer accredited change management training.

The Metropolitan Police

The One Met Model team recognised that they needed strength and depth in change management to support the roll-out of 12 key programmes and engaged us to provide ‘surge resource’ to boost capacity and transfer skills to Met staff.

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