Local government transformation

How can local government both transform itself and protect services to meet the immediate challenges of funding, demographics and expectations?

Local government is one of the building blocks of our society and it is under unprecedented strain. In fact, we are asking even more of it now, just as resources are becoming more stretched. We must enable it to thrive as it touches the lives of everyone, every single day.

Future modelling – making a fundamental shift

Councils have an overwhelming financial challenge. The scale of financial savings required necessitates a radical challenge to the current operating model.

There are significant savings and improvements to customer service that can be made by focussing on four key drivers; demand management, efficiency, channel shift, remodelling. Many councils will focus on only one or two of these, leaving much of the benefit and saving untapped.

In our experience an approach seeking to deliver on all four drivers will generate savings of between 20-25% within two years, with a subsequent benefit from further channel shift as more customers switch channels.

The burden of the silo

Silo working has been much derided within the local authority sector. Yet it persists as the primary building block of most council organisations.

Local digital declaration: turning wise words into bold action

Councils across the country are seeking to save money whilst protecting frontline services. For many, digital transformation has been viewed as key to solving this conundrum, but the differing approaches, tools and maturity of councils means that the impact of digital has not been as great as many had hoped.

Wokingham Borough Council

We were commissioned by Wokingham Borough Council to design and then lead the implementation of a new operating model for the entire Council.

South Somerset District Council

In 2016 the council was facing a significant financial challenge which was difficult for them to respond to as an organisation that had seen little to no change for many years.

Eastbourne Borough Council

Like many local authorities, Eastbourne faced the challenge of delivering its services with a smaller budget while remaining financially sustainable.


The council has a bold vision for thriving – not just surviving – in the face of significant challenges.

Service innovation

We are helping organisations create breakthrough solutions for single services or for critical issues.

Future Model

Ignite is helping organisations create a sustainable platform for the future through whole organisation transformation.

Future Model on YouTube

Find out more about FM through our dedicated YouTube channel.

Commissioned spend reviews

We help unlock savings from the commissioned and purchased costs base.

“The scope for local government transformation is still huge and there is so much happening in the sector. Financial pressure is driving a need for more customer-centric and digitally enabled operating models that really challenge the traditional way of working.

Alongside this, local government is focussing on the delivery of strategic priorities aimed at changing the lives of millions of people. Developing the economic vibrancy of their places, helping people live active and healthy lives and helping deliver a levelling up agenda across the country are big challenges, especially in light of the Covid pandemic.  It is increasingly important to build organisations that have the agility and capability to both deliver efficient services and the big strategic challenges .”

Louise Sunderland
Local Government Sector Lead

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