Community enabling and the third sector

How can we re-imagine the role of communities to become more self-sufficient and less dependent on the state?

Locality working in Eastbourne Borough Council

As part of a wider organisational transformation, Eastbourne established locality teams with broad roles, plenty of authority to make things happen locally and a remit to enable the community. It is transforming the councils relationship with the community.

Creating a virtual public service from the community

We need to recognise that public services as we know them will not provide all the answers and that we need to unleash communities to do more for themselves.

Norwich City Council community engagement

Working closely with the council, Ignite engaged with visitors, residents, stakeholders, partners and members on a personal level.

Community building

Ignite is working to create vibrant communities and to deliver a meaningful impact on public service demand.

Partnering with SHP to address homelessness

We are proud to support SHP, a charity dedicated to supporting the homeless – both in providing emergency accommodation and in addressing the underlying issues that will help people back on their feet.
“Investing in community is still in its formative stages. The scale of benefit is potentially huge and offers a realistic extension to existing public service. Our aspiration is focused on creating a virtual public service from the community.

There is a perennial challenge to link the investment made to the outcome achieved. Intuitively people know that there is an impact and a connection, but now the evidence base is building.

At Ignite we are harnessing all of our experience to drive community building and to help provide a way of demonstrating the impact that can be achieved – which in our view is enormous.”

Mark Smith

Designed to Scale

A study commissioned by the London Borough of Lambeth sought to identify how community networks are most likely to develop.

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