The vital role of Arms Length Bodies

What are the factors that are coming together to have a significant impact on ALBs in terms of their existing mandate, their target impact on the customers, citizens and communities they serve, and the extent to which they deliver maximum value for money?

The challenges and opportunities of leading an Arm’s Length Body in a post-pandemic world

Ignite is an innovation and change consultancy with a long and proud track record of supporting Arm’s Length Bodies. As part of this work we constantly scan the horizon for the challenges and opportunities facing ALBs.

This paper is a contribution to the thinking around the scale and nature of the challenges currently facing ALB leaders. It goes on to explore the options open to leaders in navigating this highly unique set of circumstances.

There are three key elements to the document:
The challenges – what they are and what they might mean
The response – the various ways by which leaders could and should respond to this situation
The journey – having chosen a response, how to execute it during a period of potential high anxiety and uncertainty amongst staff

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