The challenge

Clarks was implementing a new global solution to manage their product development process and to radically reduce the time taken to get a global product range to market. Ignite became involved at a time when:

  • People were suffering change fatigue due to a previous unsuccessful attempt at global transformation
  • Overall global engagement in the programme was extremely low. There was little understanding or buy-in to the vision or the case for change
  • There was a lack of clarity around business input and sign-off
  • There was strong resistance from the US business towards any challenge to their ways of working. In particular, they resisted changes that would impact on their ability to produce exclusive ranges for major corporate customers, like Macys

The result

Ignite worked with the client to tackle the resistance to change by creating a stronger focus on impact and engagement. As a result:

  • Clarks developed a much more compelling vision for change – with key messages that clearly articulated the critical need for the programme and highlighted the benefits
  • The change Programme Board became more effective and individual members developed as strong leaders of change
  • There was effective engagement globally, which enabled those on the ground to have a voice and to contribute

What made it successful

  • Close collaboration with the process development teams to build business understanding of the new ways of working
  • Coaching and support for the Programme Board on leading change – enabling them to harness their talent and skills to drive the change
  • Combining creative workshops with Ignite tools to identify benefits – enabling the Programme Board to really focus on outcomes and to develop a more compelling vision and case for change
  • Having a clear focus on assessing the impact of change across the whole programme – designing action plans to address the challenges highlighted using an engaging heatmap approach
  • Developing a change strategy and business engagement plan to sit alongside the programme plan – providing a clear line of sight for what needed to happen to keep people engaged and to make the vision a reality
  • Expanding the guiding coalition to include change agents in China/Far East, USA and the UK making the programme more inclusive and significantly improving engagement and collaboration.