Eastleigh Borough Council – Business case, blueprint, and implementation of new target operating model

The challenge

The council has a bold vision for thriving – not just surviving – in the face of significant challenges. Eastleigh’s ambition is to innovate and improve services. To do this it recognised that it needed a fresh operating model that unleashes the capability of the organisation. The council aims to transform its ageing technology infrastructure into state of the art to support a digital way of working, improved customer access, the development of a more commercial mindset and the delivery of a significant reduction in the cost base.

The result

Ignite developed a business case, a detailed blueprint and implementation plan for a new operating model, encompassing: strategy and commissioning; organisational structure and roles; radical transformation of technology; new approach to demand management and customer access; a highly customer focused culture.

We developed the capability for new matrix management by producing a comprehensive picture of required skills and competencies, and a learning and development plan. We delivered training to new leaders and managers in the new way of working.

The business case highlighted the route to the implementation of the operating model which would deliver an annual saving of £2.3 million on staff costs (19%). This business case was delivered successfully over three phases of implementation; back office and strategy and commissioning, place-based services and people-based services.

An invigorated corporate plan was developed and tightly aligned to performance outcomes, initiatives, services, and programmes.

What made it successful

  • Engagement – of staff across the council – in the development of the business case and blueprint
  • Our change and transition team systematically assessed impact and readiness and developed strategies and plans to implement and sustain change – ensuring it was delivered to plan and with minimum disruption to service delivery
  • Service design – We shaped and supported the approach to the re-design of the 600+ customer journeys and processes across the council
  • Governance – We set up a performance framework aligning political leadership, through senior and operational leadership to community level – aligning all levels in performance delivery.