Gambling Commission

The challenge

The Commission was operating on a matrix management model with all work delivered via a portfolio of programmes and projects supported by an internal PMO. Areas had been identified where governance, process, skill and capability urgently needed to be improved.

There was a specific concern that there had been ineffective end to end planning where there were interdependencies between projects and across programmes in the portfolio, and that this was introducing risk to the delivery of a number of critical projects.

The role of the PMO was also not clear and it was struggling to provide the right level of support at portfolio, programme and project levels. The exiting Chief Executive wanted to make improvements before leaving, but the work then continued after the arrival of the new Chief Executive.

The result

Ignite worked with the Executive and Programme Directors to drive improvements to the overall organisational governance model, business delivery and performance, leadership and management capabilities and customer focused culture and behaviours.

Our review of the PMO identified improvements that needed to be made to the governance, processes, skills, and capabilities needed within the team. A key part of our role was to develop the skills of the existing PMO team (including the project and programme managers).

We also led the PMO on an interim basis and supported the recruitment and development of a new Head of PMO into the Commission. There is now far greater clarity on roles and responsibilities, internal capability and improved business performance and project delivery.

What made it successful

  • Executive leadership – A clear recognition at Executive level that change needed to happen – ensuring that the critical projects, some with externally committed dates, were delivered on time and the outcomes/benefits realised
  • Results focus – Combining creative workshops with Ignite tools to identify benefits – enabling the organisation to really focus on outcomes and to develop a more compelling vision and case for change
  • Building capability – Working closely with the Executive and the Senior Leadership Team, providing coaching and support in change leadership, enabling them to harness their talent and skills to drive the change
  • Change expertise – Providing expert change support to set up and initially lead an internal change programme whilst supporting the development of internal capability