Johnson Matthey – HR and organisation

The challenge

    Johnson Matthey (JM) was looking to implement a new centralised IT function to support the new global operating model. Ignite became involved at a time when:

  • This was the first global functional model to be created across the, highly federated, organisation
  • A high level of specialist skill set was required to enable the internal HR function to advise and drive the implementation of the changes in IT
  • There was no CIO or senior leadership team in place to own and lead on the design or implementation of the operating model – awaiting the appointment of a new senior team.
  • There was strong resistance to change from the legacy senior team who needed coaching and guidance on how to move things forward.

The result

Ignite worked closely with JM’s HR function to ensure a successful design of the new global IT function and a smooth implementation of that design. As a result:

  • A CIO and new leadership team were appointed to take the function forward
  • A global IT structure was successfully designed and implemented to support the new operating model without any Employment Tribunal cases
  • There is now consistency across the function with regards to employee job titles, salary bands and HR policies, processes and ways of working
  • There are now comprehensive and robust HR frameworks and recruitment and consultation processes embedded into the ways of working within the HR function that can be deployed on further operating model programmes.

What made it successful

  • Collaboration – Building strong working relationships with the key HR stakeholders across the globe, who were critical to the success of the process
  • Appointment of a senior sponsor prepared to address the challenges and move the function towards the target operating model
  • Coaching and support of the HR Business Partner to the IT function to build sustainable capability within JM
  • Building capability – Providing expert recruitment support to the HR function to enable the creation and development of an internal IT resourcing team
  • Implementing a robust HR process to guide the function through the organisational changes
  • Robust programme management of the overall programme and timely intervention to remove barriers to delivery.