Metropolitan Police Service

The challenge

The Met’s One Met Model (OMM) portfolio is an ambitious statement of the way in which the organisation needs to streamline its operations in order to maintain a clear focus on the front line. With around 40,000 staff and officers, this is like changing the direction of an ocean liner. The OMM team recognised that they did not have strength and depth in change management to support the roll-out of 12 key programmes and engaged Ignite to provide ‘surge resource’ to boost capacity and transfer skills to Met staff.

The result

Ignite completed an initial set of Met-designed deliverables (change impact assessment, business readiness reviews, user journeys and a change approach) for their back-office shared services programme. We then moved into implementation mode and led on stakeholder engagement, communications, management of the activities of a local change network, and all aspects of business support for cutover and post go-live support. We tracked business readiness through regular surveys in order to keep the Programme Board up to date and to address challenges as they emerged. We provided coaching support to the business change lead, in order to build internal capability.

We are now working on a range of further programmes that will transform the use of information and the core processes of investigation and prosecution.

What made it successful

  • Specialist skills in change management .
  • Pragmatism – adopting a “get stuck in” mindset that mirrors that of the serving police officers
  • Building client capability – transferring skills to Met staff and enabling people to apply the tools locally across a very large population
  • Approach – Using our own tools to support what the Met uses – being careful not to reinvent the wheel, but to build on what they are already using
  • Being flexible and adaptable to the very dynamic needs of the programme – our team members are multi-skilled and able to quickly fill in the gaps as they are spotted
  • Engagement – we are very good at calmly engaging senior stakeholders and managing their expectations in extremely difficult circumstances