The challenge

Muller had made two UK acquisitions and needed to rapidly integrate the three UK businesses Muller; Dairy Crest, and Wiseman dairies. This involved three legal entities, six processing and distribution centres across the UK, purchasing, production planning, processing, and sales functions as well as all service functions.

The IT footprint was complex, involving multiple systems supporting a range of production processes and end products. The priority was to integrate the IT platform and migrate from systems covered by a Transitionary Service Agreement. The change was phased over two years requiring management of a complex transition and change plan.

The result

We created the change management and readiness approach which comprised a framework for change, a comprehensive toolkit of templates and guidance packs, a readiness dashboard highlighting what needed to be in place for a successful go live and training and communications materials to support each phase.

We supported local teams develop local change plans and supported the client to go live on the first two phases of the programme.

We were also charged with developing a network of change agents and building the capability of an internal team of change managers. This was done successfully, enabling the client team to take on all change responsibilities after the go live of the second site.

What made it successful

  • Building client capability – We successfully established the business readiness framework and approach; specified the scope, remit, and development programme for the internal change team; provided team training and on the job coaching and mentoring in the tools and techniques involved.
  • Change expertise – We adapted the framework to the specific needs of Muller and applied our expertise to the development of a suitable readiness strategy that aligned to the complex programme implementation schedule
  • Risk management –The programme was complex and therefore risky. We ensured all risk in the change management arena was flagged and properly mitigated to ensure users were ready to go live on schedule
  • Pragmatism – Resources were thin on the ground and it was essential to adopt a “sleeves rolled up” and pragmatic approach to ensure things got done on time
  • Change leadership – We led the change and business readiness stream, ensuring there was clarity on what the change stream contributed and how it was coordinated with the IT delivery streams