North Norfolk District Council

The challenge

The council needed to undertake a service redesign to deliver more efficient services, and respond to the challenge of improving their financial position, while meeting the needs of a rural and increasingly ageing population.

The result

We reviewed Planning and Environmental Health services and delivered a business case, blueprint, and road map for each encompassing: structure and roles; transformation of technology; a new approach to demand management and customer access; customer focused culture; and a benefits realisation forecast to support investment.
We developed a business case and blueprint for each service setting out a detailed target operating model, the organisational model to deliver it, financial and nonfinancial benefits, and an implementation roadmap. The business cases target annual savings of £376k (29% of staff cost) for Planning and £174k (15%) for Environmental Health.

What made it successful

  • Building capability – We developed capability within the council to carry out the process redesign work needed to implement the new operating model
  • Integrated design – The target operating model fully embraced and connected: organisational structure, roles, and management; processes and customer journeys; technology map and migration; and culture and ways of working
  • Change management – We developed with management a comprehensive change plan for each service to ensure the change would be well managed with the minimum of disruption to service
  • Focus on results – We developed the strategy and plans to manage the financial reductions forecast in the business case to ensure they were deliverable in the timescales expected.