Reckitt Benckiser

The challenge

Reckitt Benckiser (RB) was defining a new global SAP template for their manufacturing sites and commercial operations. They recognised that change management would be a key determinant of success in delivering benefits quickly – but had very limited experience of integrating this into programme plans.

RB engaged Ignite to provide change management support to the pilot deployment site and to develop a change management toolkit that could be used in all subsequent deployments of the new systems and processes. RB is a fiercely commercial organisation, so there would be no frills, and an emphasis on pragmatism and simplicity.

The result

Ignite worked alongside RB to develop the change management approach for the pilot site and all subsequent roll outs. As a result, RB:

  • Developed a much more consistent and repeatable approach to global roll out
  • Had a network of change agents – already close to the local businesses – to deliver local implementation
  • Had a coherent global change approach that supported the roll out strategy

What made it successful

  • Change strategy – We mapped out a change management strategy and approach to integrate with the template development and deployment, and to ensure a continued focus on delivering successful outcomes
  • Approach and tools – We developed a core set of tools and guidance which we tested with the pilot site, so that we knew they were fit for purpose for use in the RB culture
  • Insight and engagement– We worked closely with the super users, drawing on insight on high-performing teams to help them plan how they would work together and have the impact they needed with colleagues
  • Capability building – We built the capability of a growing global network of change managers, using web-based and other tools to enable them to access support, raise issues and be a success even in remote locations
  • Pragmatism and cultural fit – We got stuck in at the pilot site, resolving issues and tackling challenges alongside the team on the ground.