Tandridge District Council

The challenge

Tandridge had committed to delivering services to residents through the most appropriate channels, whilst recognising that reduced funding and developing technologies meant that a new approach to channel shift and digital transformation was required. Tandridge recognised that this would require a significant change in the way the council operated and agreed with council members that a new operating model was required. The Customer First transformation programme was set up to develop and deliver a new operating model. As with most councils, Tandridge also faced significant financial challenges which required a reduction in the operating costs of the council; and an ageing technology architecture that would need stabilising and replacing.

The result

Ignite were engaged to support the development of a new operating model for Tandridge. Ignite began by running a diagnostic, using the Future Model as an operating model to challenge Tandridge’s current processes, organisation and technology. We developed a business case, detailed blueprint and implementation plan for the new operating model which covered: a new vision for the council, new ways of working, a new organisational structure and roles, the introduction of cloud-based technology, a new approach to managing demand and customer access as well as creating a highly customer-focused culture.

The development of the blueprint started in late 2016 with the subsequent implementation of the new operating model starting in April 2017, after the blueprint and business case were agreed by council members. This included the establishment of a new senior leadership structure. The implementation is currently underway with a new extended leadership team in place. A phased approach has been adopted with strategic services and support services going live in July 2018. The final phase for all customer focused services will go live in January 2019. The targeted benefits of a £1.4M reduction in their cost base are on track to be delivered as part of the Medium Term Financial Strategy.

Ignite continue to support the programme team in ensuring the transition is delivered effectively.

What made it successful

  • Supporting the newly formed leadership team – Developing the new senior leadership structure with the Chief Executive and facilitating this new team to develop the strategic vision for the Council ensured senior alignment and buy in right from the beginning
  • Building the operating model from the new vision – Connecting this vision with the operating model and new ways of working supported the development of an outline organisational structure for Tandridge including strategic focus, asset management and income generation, local area working, and service delivery
  • Management owenership – Detailed and focussed design work with the new leadership team, including agreeing individual accountabilities and relationships across the high level organisational design, built real ownership and a thorough understanding of the model internally
  • Leadership – led change – To ensure this was a leadership-led change, Ignite created engaging content and materials and provided coaching and support for the leadership team to embed understanding and awareness of the new structure and ways of working across the organisation
  • Focusing on ways of working – The early engagement of a wide range of staff across the council in developing the the Attitudes and Approaches framework which allowed the development of role profiles, the selection process and performance management which staff were bought into
  • Being flexible and adaptable – Ignite regularly reviewed the support provided to Tandridge to ensure we were providing the right expertise at the right time during a fast paced and complex transformation