Clients need to know that having created a great design and having shaped an impactful business case, the outcome and results will get delivered to plan.


This is about managing the programme and bringing stakeholders on the journey so that they are ready and committed to make the solution work from day 1.

Effective change delivery has a real business case and pays for itself. Programmes and projects will be delivered on time and to budget with smooth transitions into new ways of working, benefits delivered as expected, risks reduced (or potentially eliminated), and credibility and confidence established for the next step.

The key ingredients to successful change delivery are:


  • Programme definition and a clear articulation of the case for change
  • Impact of change assessments
  • Business readiness – assessment and ongoing management
  • Change strategy and planning
  • Building change leadership and change networks
  • Communications and engagement
  • Capability building
  • Transition planning and delivery
  • Benefits realisation
  • Post-transition performance management

I thought the challenge we set was impossible — and yet you delivered.

Director of Investment Projects, Infrastructure sector

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