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Accredited change management foundation and practitioner course

At Ignite we pride ourselves on change management expertise and on always building the capability of our clients. For those seeking a deeper look at how organisations can change for the better we offer accredited change management training.

What will I be certified in?

Our training is accredited by APMG International, the global leader in professional training accreditation for the change management sector. On successful completion of the course you will become a certified Change Management Practitioner. This internationally recognised qualification has been developed in conjunction with the CMI (Change Management Institute), the global, non-profit association of change managers committed to advancing the change management profession.

Ignite brought a deep understanding of business change in policing, and the feedback from officers and staff was that they found the training invaluable, helping them to consolidate their experience to date and giving them new tools and techniques.

Wendy Norris, Head of Business Change, Metropolitan Police Service

Who is this course for?

Any officers or staff who have a change role within the police, or are going to in the near future. Attendees may include Any officers or staff already active in managing change who are looking to become certified, as well as those looking to qualify as part of preparing to undertake a change role. This will also be available to those within policing who are fulfilling project and programme roles and looking to expand their knowledge and impact.

What you will gain
  • Be inspired by the power of organisations to change
  • Learn important, powerful principles of organisational change
  • Use case studies to sharpen your thinking about change
  • Have the opportunity to put your learning into practice by developing your own change plan
  • Receive exclusive course materials including the Effective Change Managers Handbook
  • Sit a Foundation exam (day 3) and a Practitioner exam (day 5) as part of certification
Course details
  • Five days delivered via remote classroom sessions
  • Dedicated, experienced trainer who is also an active practitioner in the field
Content covered:

1. Change and the individual: psychological models of behaviour in organisations; personality in change; learning and the change process

2. Change and the organisation: how organisations really work; approaches to organisational change; change models; leading change in organisations

3. Communication and stakeholder engagement: why communication matters; stakeholder analysis and engagement; communications planning

4. Change practice: case studies; how to apply change management theory effectively; opportunities to write your own change plan based on what you’ve learned.

  • Individual – This course will equip you with the principles and practice required to manage change successfully. The examples and tools that you consider during this course can be used to address the various types of business change you face in the future. You will be able to understand, assess, manage and embed change in a style that reflects your professional style and draws on the best practice embodied in the Change Management Institute’s Body of Knowledge and Competency Framework. In addition to this you will become an accredited change professional in possession of a qualification that is recognised internationally.
  • Organisation – Having people who are expert in the inter-disciplinary practice of change management is increasingly regarded as a necessity. Forces with staff who have successfully completed this course can be confident that they have individuals capable of making change a positive experience and not just something to survive.

Thanks to extensive and ongoing first-hand experience, our approach to change has been tested in change initiatives across a number of sectors. Our approach has evolved over time to take into consideration differing leadership frameworks, varying organisational cultures and the speed it takes different businesses to embed change.

We are passionate about engagement and building the right environment where people feel confident that they can contribute and that their voice will be heard and respected.

Our critical component is inspiration – both the willingness to be inspired by great change (wherever it comes from) and to inspire a change-positive approach in our clients. Through a series of insights into how humans have created positive changes in a wide range of fields, we will stimulate your creative thinking, breaking down preconceived and deep-rooted assumptions about what can and cannot be done.

Ignite are committed to building change management capability in policing, that’s why we offer a tailored support package once you have completed the course including: 1-2-1 coaching to ensure you are able to apply the learning into your own unique environment and circumstances, and access to a network dedicated to facilitating the sharing of experiences and active collaboration on police-related change across the country.

Our experience of delivering the APMG training shows that for optimum learning benefits of the attendees, courses are best run for a specific police force with a minimum of 8 participants and a maximum of 12. Please contact us with preferred dates and number of participants for a quote. On completion of the booking, we will provide you with the course pre-work. This includes reading relevant chapters of The Effective Change Manager’s Handbook in preparation for the sessions. We usually recommends giving candidates the handbook a month in advance so that they have ample time to prepare.

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Bespoke courses

We offer in-company courses designed for organisations who are looking to build an internal change capability.
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