At one level change management is simple. It is about ensuring that the human beings affected by change are ready, willing and able to operate at their peak once that change has been implemented.

It sounds simple, but as all human beings are unique and will be affected by change in very different ways, it becomes complex. We recognise that this needs to be carefully and proactively managed. We also recognise that change management is a process and needs constant attention throughout a programme. We focus on ensuring people move from a point where they know nothing about the change, through to a point where they are performing in their new role at the peak of their capability. We provide flexible change support for organisations delivering complex transformation programmes.
Typically, there are some key things that clients will want from a change management partner:


  • Flexibility – resources that can be deployed to fit a variety of needs: leading the change streams on big programmes, providing people to supplement internal teams, shorter interventions to help fill short term gaps in capability, resources to help grow internal staff skills and capability, subject matter experts to bring deep experience
  • Consistency – to ensure you can rely on people to work across programmes in a predictable and aligned way
  • Frameworks, tools and templates – to supplement and deepen what is already in place
  • Experience – to ensure you get support that hits the ground running and that will be sensitive to the prevailing culture and ways of working
  • Value for money – resources that make a difference and add value from the moment they start
Here are some of the services that we provide.


  • Bringing a framework and approach – injecting methods, tools and templates to help set things up from scratch or to fill gaps
  • Building change capability – change leaders, change managers and change networks
  • Establishing change governance and readiness monitoring
  • Leading the change stream – experienced people to shape and deliver the workstream and to role model good practice for team members
  • Managed service – providing flexible teams
  • Subject matter expertise in specialist areas, e.g engagement and communications, culture change, HR, training development
  • Accredited change training (APMG) click here for further information
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