Most people want to work in a thriving organisation where they find their work meaningful and where they are enabled to do the best work of their lives.

When people look back over their career to when they were doing their best work, it is normally associated with being part of an organisation with a clear aspiration and one that has connected meaningfully with individuals. It is both liberating and exhilarating and something people do not forget. This is what we are seeking to create. When it happens, it leads to highly successful organisations where people want to stay and develop.

The key ingredients are:
  • Aspiration – Having a compelling purpose that sets clear outcomes and gives the organisation meaning
  • Core narrative – Building a case for how we deliver the aspiration and what that will mean for our customers and employees
  • Engage and excite – Developing a tangible sense of excitement and commitment to the aspiration
  • Clarity of role and purpose – Giving everyone in the organisation a clear view of how they can support the delivery of the aspiration of the organisation – not just fulfilling their job description
  • Capability and attitude – Ensuring everyone across the organisation is equipped with the skills and attitude that will enable them to contribute.
  • Physical and cultural environments – Creating an environment and culture that ensures new behaviours and desired ways of working will flourish
  • Leadership – Ensuring leaders (at all levels) actively connect people with the purpose of the organisation and unleash individuals to fulfil their potential and do the best work of their lives

The speed by which Ignite got a disparate group galvanised into action was amazing. They helped break down some long-standing political barriers and enabled us to quickly move forward to deliver real and sustainable benefits way beyond our expectations.

Principal, Education sector

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