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We’re always on the lookout for new people to join our team, either as experienced consultants or graduate hires.

We also collaborate with a number of associates on specific projects. If you are interested in exploring a career or associate relationship with Ignite, please contact Sarah Sambrook using the link below:

You can also view a selection of our current vacancies on our LinkedIn page

Our employee value proposition

As a rapidly growing organisation, we felt it was important to take stock of the value that people derive from working here. So, at one of our monthly team days, we asked Igniters to think about our Employee Value Proposition (EVP) – in other words, what they feel makes us unique or different as an organisation to work for.

We then put it to a vote and found a remarkable degree of consensus.

So in Igniters’ own words, this is us:

  • Everyone cares – about our clients, our work, and each other
  • Everyone is important, respected and has a voice, whatever their role
  • We support, challenge and strengthen each other and are always open to learning
  • We make work fun and thoroughly enjoy socialising together

Our approach to inclusion and diversity

At Ignite we embrace and welcome diversity and treat everyone fairly. We support them to thrive in a way that is authentic to them. We do this by:


  • engaging with potential recruits in a way that welcomes diversity
  • enabling everyone to find their unique strengths and style, get to know each other’s and connect in the most productive way
  • supporting everyone to find their leadership voice, whatever their role
  • encouraging everyone to connect with their purpose and their contribution to social value
  • engaging with everyone individually to support them to flourish in all aspects of their life at Ignite
  • recognising and rewarding people in a way that is equitable to all and meaningful to individuals
  • supporting and challenging our people fairly and consistently

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