Clients looking to transform will need a comprehensive operating model as a focus for an integrated programme of change.

A well-designed operating model needs to provide an elegant and straightforward view of how an organisation works for everyone: stakeholders, customers and staff. It needs to address organisation structures and roles, services provided, customer journeys and processes, technology and culture – in a way that is integrated and complete. Before moving into implementation, a client should expect to understand exactly how their organisation will work and the benefit from their investment.

We design operating models and associated business cases that deliver +20% cost savings, improvements in customer service and improved outcomes for customers and citizens. We create digital organisations that exceed customer expectations of how a modern organisation should work and unlock the potential and talent of people across an organisation.

Our approach is tried and tested. We have applied our design capability in a variety of situations:


  • Creating transformational new operating models for local authorities (Future Modelling)
  • Designing a new global IT function in the commercial sector
  • Designing shared finance and HR operating models in education
  • Building multifunctional shared service centres (for both local authorities and commercial organisations)
  • Implementing digital transformation strategies
  • Streamlining processes and customer journeys
  • Developing cross agency working in children’s services
  • Improving patient pathways in health
  • Integrating whole organisations into a single merged entity (for both local authorities and commercial organisations)


Ignite are imaginative and challenge us so that we can be successful in delivering a new operating model and bring about truly transformative change within the organisation, focused on our customers and communities.

CEO, Local Authority

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