Supporting the performance and wellbeing of your team – a free toolkit from Ignite

How are your teams coping now, and how can you set them up for success both now and in the months to come?

At a time of rapidly shifting priorities and significant disruption, the need to be able to rely upon focused, committed and high performing staff has never been more important.

But at this time every single person is impacted by the coronavirus, and to a greater or lesser extent are grappling with the challenges of being productive whilst maintaining their own health and wellbeing. This will get more challenging as individuals and teams begin to experience the inevitable strains of prolonged isolation and virtual working.

Ignite is offering a free toolkit to help you understand the challenges your people are facing, keep them engaged and equip them to operate in a virtual world.

“The fierce urgency of now”
Martin Luther King

What is this support for?

These support materials will help you to shift to new ways of working at pace, but in a way that secures the health and wellbeing of all. They are adaptable to all situations and can be applied irrespective of where you are in your own journey of response to the current situation.

They respond to the following key needs from staff:

  • “I need to continue to be engaged with my colleagues and feel part of the team”
  • “I need to know what I should be focusing on”
  • “I need to be equipped with the right tools and understanding to do my job to the best of my ability”
  • “I need my manager and my peers to understand what my life is now like, to know when I need help, and how I can help them”
  • “I need to continue to feel valued”

How can I best use this free support?

In the first instance you can use the toolkit to support your mobilisation activities, or as a check to help you assess where you currently are and what you may now need to focus on.

It includes a five-day road map to get from a standing start to a position of being able to operate fully remotely. It also includes a maturity self-assessment covering all key aspects of effective remote working.

What is available?

The support materials are centred around three key building blocks:

  • Understanding – designing and embedding a system that provides you with real time visibility of the health, wellbeing and productivity of your people
  • Engaging – designing and rolling-out a programme of professional, social and health activities to provide structure and focus to the working week
  • Equipping – providing everyone with the right tools, skills and capabilities to enable them to operate effectively in a virtual world

The tools are built on inspiration from the very best, for example, how NASA supports astronauts during extended periods of isolation to remain connected, healthy and deliver the mission.

You will get guidance, templates and examples from which to build your own solution, including:

  • Performance, health and wellbeing tracker – designing and implementing a tracker to provide real-time visibility of how every member of staff is coping with the new arrangements, how they are performing, what their wellbeing is like and when and where the organisation needs to act to provide additional support – with an on line version coming soon.
  • Event calendar – establishing and sustaining a calendar of events that binds the team together through stimulating, imaginative and engaging professional, social and health-focused sessions and learning – with session templates to shape the events.
  • Impact of change – creating a clear picture that shows which processes and people are most impacted by the situation, and what support needs to be put in place.
  • Virtual working masterclasses – developing and launching a comprehensive programme of masterclasses aimed at equipping all staff to be able to survive and thrive in their new virtual environment, including use of virtual working tools.
  • Virtual problem solving – mobilising, equipping and focusing virtual communities to work together to tackle the key challenges facing the organisation, using on-line problem solving and collaboration tools and techniques – providing another engagement forum.

What do I do next?

If you want to understand more about the support we are providing or would like to access some or all of the toolkit materials, then please simply email