Clients need to know that having defined a clear vision for the future there is in place a clear set of programmes, projects and actions to make it happen.

The scale of investment in money and organisational energy is such that this must be managed effectively.

We believe that effective management of a portfolio of change or capital programmes will have a massive impact on the financial value and outcomes that will be delivered. We will increase the ROI of the portfolio and accelerate delivery of returns by changing the shape of the portfolio, explicitly aligning it with the vision, upgrading the Enterprise Programme Management Office (EPMO) and addressing the underlying capability to deliver it.


The key ingredients are:
  • Supporting the development of a purpose, vision and strategy
  • Shaping and mobilising a balanced portfolio of programmes
  • Putting appropriate governance in place so that executives remain in control
  • Creating the organisational capability to run programmes and projects and to manage change

Ignite enabled us to achieve our goals whilst offering insight and challenge to achieve results that surpassed expectations. This is truly working in partnership at its best.

Vice President HR, Commercial sector

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