How can we re-imagine the role of communities to become
more self-sufficient and less dependant on the state?


Society places immense demands on public services, which threatens to overwhelm them. Communities are at the heart of the answer to self-sufficiency and the management of demand, but what is the best way to enable a community and unlock its huge latent potential?

Locality working in Eastbourne

As part of a wider organisational transformation, Eastbourne established locality teams with broad roles, plenty of authority to make things happen locally and a remit to enable the community. It is transforming the councils relationship with the community.
Ignite is working to create vibrant communities and to deliver a meaningful impact on public service demand

Enabling communities

We worked with Norwich to engage the community in what they really thought of their community …

Norwich City Council

Building communities

As demand rises, we need to recognise that public services as we currently know them will not provide all …

Designed to Scale

A study commissioned by the London Borough of Lambeth sought to identify how community networks are …
“Investing in community is still in its formative stages. There is a perennial challenge to link the investment made to the outcome achieved. Intuitively people know that there is an impact and a connection but the evidence-based world we now live in requires a higher standard of proof.

The evidence base is building.

At Ignite we are harnessing all the rigour that we bring to transformations to help provide a clearer framework for demonstrating the impact that can be delivered – which in our view is huge”

Mark Smith

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