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      Katherine mckinlay

      Morning everyone,

      My name is Kat (McKinlay) I am a Change Practitioner at West Mids I just thought I would introduce myself and see if there are any other Change people out there 😊

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      Liz Stokes

      Morning Kat, and everyone 🙂

      I’m Liz, a Project Manager from Gwent

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        Katie Stone

        Hi Liz,

        Welcome to the forum 🙂

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      Katie Stone

      Hi Kat

      Welcome and thank you for introducing yourself.

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      Darryl Troth

      Morning all

      I’m Darryl and I work as a business change lead for the MPS and CTP 🙂

      Nice to virtually meet you all

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      Anne Lewis

      Hi everyone! I’m Anne and I’m the Head of Change Management for CTP based in the MPS.  I’m most definitely a dyed-in-the-wool Change person. 🙂

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      Paul Kinzett

      Hi everyone – I’m Paul and I work in Essex (and Kent) Police in Digital Business Change.  Used to work in the Met – hello Darryl!

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      Katie Stone

      Welcome Darryl, Anne and Paul 🙂

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      Harry Hardiker

      Hi all,

      I’m Harry. I’m a Senior Project Manager in our Business Change & Innovation department at South Yorkshire Police. Currently leading on our ‘Smarter Ways of Working’ project which is essentially looking at how we keep as many of benefits as possible for the organisation that have come from more hybrid working. I’m also working on a new savings and efficiencies programme which is just getting up and running. Nice to meet you all virtually!

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      Kate Viney

      Hello everyone,

      I’m Kate Viney and I am Business Change Manager with West Mercia Police. Nice to meet you all.

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      Katie Stone

      Welocme Harry and Kate

Viewing 9 reply threads
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