Transformation is about creating modern, digital, customer centric operating models that enhance services and meet pressing financial challenges.


We are helping organisations deliver 20-30% savings whilst improving services, building resilience and creating a platform for a financially sustainable future. We are not in business to cut services, and pride ourselves on our ability to achieve transformational change as well as develop improved services.

Creating a sustainable platform for the future through whole organisation transformation
Organisations are facing significant challenges. Whilst the most significant for many will be financial, others will also be looking to improve their service offering to a new generation of customers, or building their capability to engage with an ever increasingly technology capable population, or even responding to rapidly shifting demographics and demand.

This broad combination of challenges necessitates a radical review of the way organisations operate. We work with clients to create an operating model that delivers a customer-centric, digitally enabled, effective and efficient way of providing services. We have developed a track record of delivering extraordinary results across entire organisations, reducing costs by 20-30%, improving customer service and improving outcomes.


  • Whole-organisation focus – or at least large parts of it
  • Embracing organisation and roles, customer journeys and processes, integrated technology, culture and ways of working, governance and performance management
  • Driving benefit through demand management, channel shift, efficiency and automation and remodelling
  • Using a consistent set of design principles aimed at designing the organisation around the customer
Unlocking savings from the commissioned and purchased costs base
The transformation of an organisation’s operating model will deliver huge savings and improvements in performance, but it is not the whole story. Organisations will have significant spend tied up in commissioned services, outsourced operations, procured spend and partnerships. The challenge is to find improvements that will yield further savings and performance improvements.

This challenge requires the rapid identification of opportunities to save cost in a structured and robust way. We help organisations identify millions in savings and a pathway to implement the changes required.


  • Tightly focused scope
  • Cost reviews to identify opportunities
  • Commitment not to cut services – focus is on value for money and the need for the spend
Reshaping the way customers access services and use technology
Every organisation, no matter how large or small, is challenged by the need to ensure citizens and customers are given the best possible access to services. In the modern era, people are familiar with the use of computers, tablets, phones and now even “connected devices” to access goods and services. They expect the same access from their public service suppliers.

This challenge requires organisations to think about meeting demand and providing access in a wide variety of settings using a range of channels. They need to make use of modern technology to provide seamless access and a brilliant customer experience. They need to provide “access for all” while potentially also pursuing a “digital by default” approach that means that vulnerable customers are not excluded. We help organisations develop comprehensive access strategies that make effective use of modern technology. This results in higher rates of channel shift, reduced cost to serve, higher customer satisfaction and increased access.

We also help with the approach and development plan for the redesign of all the customer journeys and processes that will be re-engineered and configured to support on-line access. This can shave years off the development plan.


  • Make use of the full range of modern technology options
  • Consider access for all
  • Ensure creative use of partner facilities, assisted self-serve options and mobile access
  • Focus on customer experience and adapting channels to the needs of customers
  • Intelligent bundling to support the rapid (and agile) development of priority customer journeys and processes
Creating breakthrough solutions for single services or for critical issues
Organisations are faced with a wide range of service challenges and really difficult issues that simply can’t be fixed with conventional thinking. A burst of innovation is often required to break through the barriers and find some really creative solutions.

This challenge requires a structured and inclusive approach to innovation; one that engages people in the process and taps into the knowledge and creativity that lies (often dormant) within every organisation. We have a well proven and engaging process that allows people from across an organisation to contribute and bring their creativity, experience and wisdom. We have delivered some exceptional results using the process and left lasting memories for the people involved – who have been amazed at their own capacity for creative thinking. We also leave a legacy and process that people can use to deliver continuous waves of further improvement.


  • Well structured and proven innovation process – that can be adopted by clients and reused
  • High levels of engagement – winning high levels of commitment to implement change
  • Extensive use of external insight to stimulate creativity
  • Practical skills to build innovative ideas into implementable solutions with sound business cases
Merging whole organisations or just single services
Organisations will be looking at full mergers or the development of shared service operations as a means of accessing economies of scale, delivering a bigger political impact at a regional level, providing greater resilience or creating a base for delivering a more comprehensive set of services. The challenge of shaping and implementing these arrangements is significant.

The challenge requires the development of a clear operating model for the newly combined operation and a clear business case for moving forward. Combining two organisations also requires close attention to the cultural shifts required and the need to quickly develop harmonised and integrated ways of working. We have had considerable experience in bringing whole organisations together around a fresh operating model that goes beyond simply bringing two organisations together for scale.


  • Can be focused on any scale from a single service to a full integration of two (or more) organisations
  • Ensures a focus on early design of a combined operating model
  • Establishes single management structures, technology platforms, customer journey and process models, organisational structures and cultures
  • Creates the business case and benefit attribution so that all parties see clearly how they win
Applying our specialist knowledge to pressing issues or opportunities (Property, HR, Technology, Leadership, Governance)
Our clients will on occasion need to access specialist skills and knowledge to help capitalise on their opportunities. The challenge is to access flexible and reliable capability just when it is needed.

We provide specialist capability in the following areas:

  • Property – to help get the best commercial results from a property portfolio
  • Technology – specification, selection, procurement
  • HR – support for consultation, recruitment and policy setting
  • Governance and performance management – reshaping to reflect fresh strategies, structures and commercial arrangements
Offering a catalogue of cloud services as a provider on the G-Cloud framework
The G-Cloud framework offers public sector organisations a simple and legally compliant route to buy services more quickly and efficiently than traditional procurement methods. G-Cloud encourages the provision of cost-effective and flexible services and offers an innovative marketplace where Ignite can offer services directly. Using G-Cloud takes less time than traditional procurement.

The framework is established through OJEU under the Open Procedure and is fully compliant with the Public Contracts Regulations. This means that Ignite has already been through a rigorous process to prove our credibility and suitability to provide solutions to the public sector. Pricing is transparent and provided up front. G-Cloud uses the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) which provides standardised, levelled ICT skills so that like for like comparisons can be made.

Our G-Cloud services include:

  • Customer and user research, experience, and development
  • Digital skills and culture development
  • Strategy development for experience and customer engagement
  • Agile project delivery
  • Discovery and mobilisation of agile service design projects
  • Digital service design
  • Target operating model, organisational design, and business transformation
  • Change management for digital transformation programmes


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