Our mission is bold
yet simple.

We are an innovation and change consultancy dedicated to transforming the face of public services.

With our clients, we design, build and embed high-performing and financially viable organisations able to deliver sustainable, efficient, customer-centric services focused on the things that really matter. Together we strive to make a meaningful difference to the lives of millions of people through building vibrant local communities, enhancing quality of life and protecting the vulnerable.

What we do

We work with our clients to design and deliver new and imaginative ways of providing public services.

We always put the service user at the heart of what we do. This keeps us connected to the people that will benefit from our work.

We are passionate about delivering transformational change and have an enviable track record of achieving things that others think impossible. We have built our success on an ethos of ‘it can be done’ and the belief that every organisation has the ability to achieve extraordinary things, hence our strap line: Ignite.believe.

How we do it

We have expertise in three areas:

Strategy, portfolio and programme development

shaping strategies, portfolios and programmes to deliver the ambition of an organisation

Operating model design

designing operating models and business cases that are genuinely transformational

Change delivery

landing the change and securing the planned benefits

We also have two themes that run through everything we do:


Unlocking creative thinking and shaping stretching solutions

Connecting people with purpose

and helping people do the best work of their lives. We ensure an environment is created where people can perform to their full potential.

Every situation is different, so we use these building blocks to tailor our support to the needs of individual clients.

The big questions

The world is changing fast and public services cannot afford to stand still. How they choose to answer the big questions raised by change will determine their future.

We are on the front line, grappling with many of the issues behind these questions.

Does ‘change management’ as we know it need to adapt to an increased pace of change especially in the light of coronavirus?

Managing change in the light of coronavirus pressures

In our dynamic society, change is not slowing down. Can organisations keep pace or do we need to find ways of equipping them to change rapidly?

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How can we re-imagine the role of communities to become more self-sufficient and less dependent on the state?

Communities are at the heart of the answer, but what is the best way to enable communities and help them be more self-sufficient?

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How can local government both transform itself and protect services to meet the immediate challenges of funding, demographics and expectations?

How can local government both transform itself and protect services to meet the immediate challenges of funding, demographics and expectations?

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How can local government maximise community impact from its limited resources?

Councils need to ensure that they are prioritising measures that will create the greatest impact and lining up all of the organisation’s resources behind the things that matter most.

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The challenges and opportunities of leading an Arm’s Length Body in a post-pandemic world

What are the factors that are coming together to have a significant impact on ALBs in terms of their existing mandate, their target impact on the customers, citizens and communities they serve, and the extent to which they deliver maximum value for money?

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British Skeleton – on a journey to further greatness

What can we learn about building and sustaining a high-performance culture from one of the most successful Winter Olympic teams in history?

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Customer and digital

Customer expectations are changing, digital technologies evolving, and the delivery of services needs to adapt, aligned with organisational visions, values, and objectives. Ignite believe in putting the customer and digital innovation at the heart of organisational change.

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Does the crisis brought on by the onset of Covid19 create the need to further transform organisations and create a New Normal – and what does that mean?

Public service has performed heroically in response to Covid19. The challenge now is to build on the learning that can be drawn from the crisis and establish a New Normal that reflects the needs of society in the years to come.

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How do public services combine resources to best effect to deliver better services and outcomes for communities?

Public services are merging, sharing services and integrating in many different ways. Government policy is actively encouraging increased scale and greater pooling of resources, but what really works?

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Our focus

We package our services around the challenges our clients are facing.
They cluster around four key themes:


Creating modern, digital, customer centric operating models that enhance services and meet pressing financial challenges (Future Modelling)

Next generation

Addressing some of the fundamental, system-wide challenges and helping organisations rethink their role and relationship with the community

Change management

Providing flexible change support for organisations delivering complex transformation programmes

Enterprise programme management

Providing flexible programme support for organisations to develop, manage and deliver complex portfolios of change.

Find out more about our experience

Using insight to stimulate
innovative thinking


Innovation doesn’t happen by accident. We use insight as a catalyst to unlock creative thinking.


Find out:

● What we mean by insight
● The science behind it
● About our long-term relationship with GB Skeleton – our most successful winter Olympic sport
● The Skeleton team’s ability to drive elite performance really is a triumph of imagination and resourcefulness. Their success holds many lessons that we can apply and share with our clients.


Our team have diverse backgrounds and interests but are all passionate about the
opportunity to make a meaningful difference to our clients and the people they serve.

We are all bound together by a core set of values:
We consistently challenge ourselves and clients to aim higher and go further.
We create the right environment, energise people and ensure widespread and enthusiastic contribution.
We raise aspirations, inject insight and open up people’s eyes to fresh possibilities.
When working with clients we will also always:
Focus on impact
We ensure that solutions are sharply focussed on a clear definition of success.
Develop capability
We work alongside clients so that they become better equipped to deliver change and unlock performance.

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